Barbara Mori swimming pool scene from Spanish Beauty (A Beautiful Wife)

Barbara Mori is spending time on bed with her lover. Her lover asks here if she takes birth control pills. She replies that she can never be a mother. Her lover likes this fact and adds he hates using condoms.
Her husband comes home with flowers for her. Meanwhile she’s in a swimming pool naked. She asks her husband to throw the flowers in the swimming pool. Her husband tells her that she looks like a goddess with the flowers around her in the swimming pool. Barbara Mori asks her husband to come inside the swimming pool with her. He declines at first but after repeated requests from Barbara Mori, he finally takes off his clothes and gets inside the swimming pool. Barbara kisses her husband. But he starts to shiver with cold and comes out immediately.
Barbara’s husband is on their bed going through some papers. Towel-wrapped Barbara comes and sits near him on the bed. She opens the towel and shows her body to her husband. Her husband asks her to put on some clothes and says she would catch cold if she does not. She takes off his spectacles and kisses him. She asks him to have sex with her. But her husband says as it’s not Saturday, he’s not aroused! What a loser!
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