Madhuri Dixit bed scene with Anil Kapoor from Parinda

Anil Kapoor is wearing a white dress and is lying down and thinking. Madhuri Dixit, also in a white dress comes close to him and he gets scared. Madhuri Dixit sits down and Anil Kapoor rests his head on her lap. Madhuri is moving his hair and Anil Kapoor tries to untie a string in Madhuri Dixit’s dress. Madhuri Dixit smiles and runs away. She stands at some distance from Anil Kapoor, gets aroused and opens her top. Then they move to a bed and the real action starts. The scene was so beautifully shot. The lights, the way Anil Kapoor kisses Madhuri Dixit’s body, everything’s great about the scene. Anil Kapoor kisses Madhuri Dixit all over her body. He starts from her knee, moves to her thigh, then to her palm, to her back and then to her face. It looks like Anil Kapoor suffers´╗┐ from premature ejaculation while Madhuri Dixit faked orgasm in the scene. Everything finishes so fast. :-) They plan to name their son born through the conception, Siddharth!
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